Smart Phone Analysis

For hardware and software vendors, mobile operators, and application, content and component providers, Canalys’ industry-leading service covers both worldwide market overviews, as well as local market breakdowns by country in Asia Pacific, EMEA, and North and South America. We deliver overall volume forecasts and market shares for all mobile phone categories, while providing insight on the qualitative factors behind evolving trends to equip our customers with a complete market overview.

We do not release preliminary, incomplete data and use standard definitions and methodologies to ensure consistency across all of the market data that appears in this service. We simultaneously publish final market data every quarter, for every country tracked.

Access and support

To help our customers obtain and disseminate the market intelligence they need – quickly and without complication – Canalys allows an unlimited number of corporate users to access our informa­tion and analysis, as part of our overall service fee.

We also provide additional value through our enquiry facility, which is available for up to five named users by region and corporate function, per service. The enquiry facility can be extended to support more users by arrangement.

Data and analysis delivery

Each of our services benefits from the same strict methodology, with clear, global definitions and detailed, country-level data published on the same day – no preliminary data or forecasts.

We deliver insight and recommendations via frequent, analytical reports and direct contact with our experienced analyst team. Clients also receive results and analysis from regular surveys, conducted with hundreds of resellers, systems integrators, retailers, and distributors. Through our channel partner community Candefero, our service customers also have the opportunity to pose survey questions that directly address their own immediate concerns.

Geographic versions available:

  • Americas
  • APAC
  • China
  • EMEA
  • Worldwide

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