As an Analyst based in Shanghai, Jason Low leads the Wearable Band Go-To-Market Analysis, and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Analysis services. He also researches and analyzes the broader mobility industry. Focusing on the qualitative analysis of vendor strategies and market dynamics, Jason provides insights into the global wearables market, with a particular focus on wearable bands and eyewear. He also supports the production of data for quarterly estimates and forecasts, and tracks the development of wearables, VR headsets and smartphones.

Prior to joining Canalys in September 2014, Jason worked as a technical support engineer for Sykes, handling multiple accounts, including Samsung Mobile Application & Services and HP Consumer Desktop, for Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. Before relocating to Shanghai, Jason worked as an Accounts Specialist for IBM Global Financing Malaysia, supporting the South Korean market. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Hanyang University in Seoul. He is fluent in English, Mandarin, Malay and Korean.