Reconnecting with our distributor partners in 2020

Gemma Edwards | Wednesday, September 23 2020

We’re pleased to welcome, once again, many of the biggest and best distributors in EMEA to support the Canalys Forums. Together with their invited partners and vendor sponsors, we’ll all be coming together to Reflect, Reconnect and Rebound as a community.

Distributors supporting Canalys Forums 2020

One of the very largest, Tech Data, was committed at the inception of our events way back in 2007. We are so proud it is hand-in-hand with us on our digital journey during this extraordinary year.

Also reconnecting with us during ‘the week of the channel’ are Also, Arrow, Exclusive Networks, Logicom, Prianto, SEC Datacom and Westcoast. We’re also thrilled to announce newcomers to the forums - e92plus and Giacom - and there are more to come!

Vendors and partners alike will find they can discover and connect with each other very easily on the Canapii event platform from next week. You can simply check availability, schedule meetings with video integration, chat and share among the community all in one place.

During the week there will also be a fantastic opportunity to listen to our Partner CEO interviews on-demand. Plus, of course, vendor CEOs, global and regional channel leaders, and Canalys keynotes… Just pop them on whenever works best for your schedule during the week.

There’s still plenty of time to register – ask your distributor for your code, or get in touch!


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