Light at the end of the tunnel

Gemma Edwards | Thursday, May 07 2020

With some countries now easing lockdown conditions, and others preparing to do so, how are you feeling? Are you prepared for the “new normal”? What will you take away from this time?

light at end of tunnel

Despite the restrictions, some good has come out of the lockdown:

  • Deeper connections with family, friends and loved ones.
  • An opportunity to stop and think, maybe time to get creative and try new things.
  • Positive effects on the environment due to the dramatic fall in pollution.

I consider myself a positive and optimistic person. But this enforced lockdown has taken its toll on many of us, including me. We are all dealing with this situation in our own way, each of us trying to navigate our emotions and health, and tackling the new challenges that come at us every day. We find ourselves reconsidering what is important and thinking about how we will remember this time.

We are constantly being told by the news and celebrities that we need to focus on “bettering ourselves”. But it is a rose-tinted vision to hope that we will all come out of this as improved versions of ourselves. Realistically, when we get to the end of this tunnel, finally being able to sit down and have a drink with our friends, we’re not all going to be saying “I completed a master’s degree” or “I knitted four sweaters”. We will simply be happy in the moment, finally able to escape from our houses and be in the physical company of friends – we will not be comparing notes!

Remember that though we are all going through this together, everyone is experiencing many different pitfalls along the way. Let’s not be forced to experience this time in any particular way but try to cope with it in our own manner and at our own pace. Then we can look forward to that moment, in the hopefully not too distant future, when we can finally sit down and have that drink with our friends!

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