Canalys Consulting

Canalys offers its expert consulting skills to technology vendors. We have years of experience in channels analysis, partner program assessments and market-sizing projects. Our analysts offer insight into channels, infrastructure, mobility and emerging technologies. We gather data and feedback from our community of more than 10,000 global channel partners. We also use our ongoing tracking data and forecasts to enrich our research and our understanding of new markets.


Project Expertise



Channel development

Our client: A large multinational technology vendor had a direct sales strategy to very large enterprise clients. It developed a new solution aimed at smaller enterprise customers and wanted a channels strategy to help grow its customer base.

Regional interest: EMEA and North America

Methodology: We assessed how the company could move from being a direct to an indirect vendor. Using our knowledge of best practice in go-to-market strategy and channel management, we built an initial go-to-market plan.


Channel management

Our client: A global technology organization with a strong partner base ran its channel strategy at a regional level. It wanted to understand if and how it should develop a global partner strategy.

Regional interest: Global

Methodology: We conducted a survey with the Candefero community to understand the impact of rolling out a global partner program in each region. We used expert analysis and best practice assessment to understand which elements should be managed globally and which at a regional level.


Customized data cut

Our client: A large mobility and VR vendor was investigating market entry into a new country for its smart phones, smart watch and smart speakers.

Regional interest: Southeast Asia

Methodology: We provided a customized database of model-level shipment and market share estimates and forecasts. We completed multiple interviews with key service providers and channels to inform the forecasts and provide analysis on the opportunity.


Market entry

Our client: A large enterprise infrastructure vendor looking to enter the security market.

Regional interest: EMEA

Methodology: We surveyed channel partners to understand how they sell security. Expert channel discussions assessed what a vendor would need to do to enter the security market. We analyzed competing vendors’ channel strategies and made recommendations on how to enter the market.


Partner programs

Our client: A large networking vendor, with several recent acquisitions, was bringing new partners into its partner program. It wanted to understand its partners’ engagement and satisfaction levels.

Regional interest: Global

Methodology: Over a year, we used the Candefero Vendor Benchmark tracking tool to monitor and assess partners’ view of clients, and how they compared with the competition. We tracked changes in feedback as the new partner program was launched.