Smartphone Analysis

Canalys’ Smartphone Analysis is the most comprehensive service of its type. It delivers highly detailed quarterly data and forecasts for all mobile phone categories. The data for all countries, with all the granularity, is available far in advance of other agencies, giving our customers a significant advantage in analyzing their businesses. Our unique digital interface allows you to download the data in Excel format to your precise requirements.


We cover more than 60 countries, tracking vendor shipments, models, values and price bands in every one. Beyond this, we also track shipments for over 35 product features (see below). All the data is available through a simple-to-use digital interface, which allows you to download the data that you need in Excel format. The service also includes analysis in the form of short reports, presentations and webcasts, so you also get the insight behind the numbers. By using consistent definitions and a rigorous methodology, we ensure we are the standard reference for market leaders. Additionally, and unique to Canalys, is our detailed quarterly channel and end-user splits data, helping vendors and partners plan and adapt their go-to-market strategies for smartphone products in different regions.




Data and forecasts

  • Smartphone shipments in units, value and price band
  • Market shares by vendor, model, country/region and OS
  • Channel and end-user category splits
  • Examples of the 35 features we track include battery capacity, display technology, dual SIM, fast charging, fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, network generation, OS version, price band, primary camera megapixels, processor cores, processor speed band, processor vendor, RAM, screen size, AR platform and VR platform
  • Delivers detailed data sets for analyzing market sizing, addressable market forecasting and vendor/product performance by using consistent definitions and a rigorous methodology
  • Goes far beyond tracking to deliver insight and recommendations through reports via our analyst inquiry service
  • Identifies trends and delivers analysis of competitor initiatives, market performance and shifts in technology and channel strategies


All clients can make unlimited inquiries. Get in touch to discuss your requirements, whether regarding global, regional or single-country data and analysis.


Access and support


  • Unlimited inquiry

    Direct access to analysts who respond to questions within the topic scope within 24 hours.

  • Feature-rich tools, unlimited access

    Individual access to client website, spreadsheets and published content

  • Trends analysis

    Frequent data and analysis reports produced using a strict methodology and global definitions

  • Conclusions and advice

    Insight and recommendations delivered via analytical reports and direct access to our experienced analyst team.







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