Channel professional

Every successful product has a well planned route to market. Some vendors sell direct, others use partners, but most adopt a hybrid approach and must manage the resulting conflicts and opportunities. What works for one vendor, product or territory may not work for another. At the same time, the channel business model continues to evolve, with new competitors increasingly entering the race for end-customer market share. 

For over 10 years now, we’ve made it our aim to guide channel partners through the ever-changing IT vendor landscape, by providing a comprehensive view of the key issues affecting the sales, marketing and distribution of technology products. To do so, we've developed a unique, web-based channel community, Candefero. Several thousand partners strong, Candefero provides high-quality market intelligence and trends analysis free of charge to partners, in exchange for their valued input on the hot topics shaping the industry. Channel partners also gain the opportunity to influence vendor programs through dialogue with Canalys analysts, survey participation and events, such as the Canalys Channels Forum.  

To help our channel partners develop strategic vendor relations, some of the innovative subscription and customized services we offer include:

Canalys Channels Forum
Channel Checker
Partner Program Analysis
Channels Analysis
Smartphone Go-To-Market Analysis
Wearable band Go-To-Market Analysis