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Matthew Ball - Principal Analyst

Matthew Ball leads Canalys’ global infrastructure, cloud, security and unified communications research. He analyzes the impact of converging technologies on the channel, driven by digitalization and... [more]

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Edwin Binder - Principal Consultant, Member of the Board

Edwin Binder manages projects for Canalys’ fast-growing consulting department. His particular areas of expertise include corporate strategy, go-to-market analysis, the execution of international... [more]

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Ketaki Borade - Research Analyst

Ketaki Borade works as a Research Analyst in Canalys’ Americas office. She focuses on enterprise technology, including IT security, cloud computing and IT infrastructure. She is responsible for... [more]

Lucio Chen - Research Analyst

Lucio Chen is a Research Analyst based in Canalys’ Singapore office. Focusing on Southeast Asia and China, he researches and analyzes vendor shipment performance, product portfolios, go-to-market... [more]

Jordan De Leon - Senior Analyst

Jordan is a Senior Analyst at Canalys, where he leads the Channels Analysis Asia Pacific service. He analyzes the channel ecosystem and IT vendor go-to-market strategies in the region. He also... [more]

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Rushabh Doshi - Research Manager

Based in Singapore, Rushabh is Research Manager for Canalys’ global mobility market research. He leads the mobility device tracking and forecasting services worldwide and oversees an international... [more]

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Ishan Dutt - Research Analyst

Ishan is a Research Analyst based in Singapore. He supports the company’s market-leading mobility research programs, with a focus on analyzing PC and tablet market dynamics and vendor strategies. He... [more]

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Alastair Edwards - Chief Analyst

Alastair Edwards is a Chief Analyst at Canalys and heads the company’s industry-leading Channels Analysis service, providing clients with expert advice on channel trends and strategies. Over the last... [more]

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Hattie He - Research Analyst

Hattie He is a Research Analyst based in Canalys’ Shanghai office. She works with the mobility team to gather, analyze and deliver data on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Prior to joining Canalys,... [more]

Sharon Hiu - Analyst

Sharon heads the worldwide Partner Program Analysis service, which combines Canalys’ channels expertise and partner program experience. As part of the Channels Analysis team in APAC, she writes... [more]

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Mo Jia - Research Analyst

Based in Canalys’ Shanghai office, Mo is a Research Analyst responsible for gathering and analyzing data and information on mobility vendor market performance. With a focus on smartphones and... [more]

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Chris Jones - Co-founder, VP and Chief Analyst

Chris Jones was one of the three founders of Canalys and is based in the Americas office in Palo Alto, California. Chris specializes in mobile devices and wearable technology. [more]

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Daniel Liu - Research Analyst

Daniel Liu is a Research Analyst based in Canalys’ Shanghai office. He focuses on leading Canalys' Infrastructure Analysis and Cloud Analysis services in the Asia Pacific region. He also supports the... [more]

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Jason Low - Senior Analyst

As a Senior Analyst based in Shanghai, Jason leads Canalys’ worldwide research in the wearables and VR/AR technology sectors. Focusing on both quantitative and qualitative analysis for the sectors,... [more]

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TuanAnh Nguyen - Analyst

Based in Singapore, TuanAnh is an Analyst supporting Canalys’ worldwide smartphone research programs, with a specific focus on Asia Pacific, and Central and Eastern Europe. TuanAnh oversees Canalys’... [more]

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Robin Ody - Analyst

Robin Ody is an Analyst in the Channels team. He supports the company’s industry-leading Channels services, including Channels Analysis and Partner Program Analysis, and is based in Reading. Prior... [more]

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Nicole Peng - Senior Director, Mobility

Nicole oversees Canalys’ mobility-focused advisory services. She leads an international team of analysts providing comprehensive market tracking data, forecasts and insights for the fast-changing... [more]

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Alex Smith - Senior Director, Channels

Alex Smith leads Canalys’ channels research department. He manages a team of analysts and consultants responsible for a comprehensive portfolio of advisory services that look into the go-to-market... [more]

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Claudio Stahnke - Research Analyst

Claudio is a Research Analyst focused on security and based in Canalys’ EMEA office. He studies and analyzes market developments, using face-to-face and desk-based research, and attends major... [more]

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Ben Stanton - Analyst

Ben Stanton leads Canalys’ devices research in the EMEA region. His primary focus is on smartphones, tablets and PCs. He also has expert knowledge of emerging technologies, such as wearables and... [more]

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Vincent Thielke - Research Analyst

Vincent Thielke is a Research Analyst based in Canalys’ office in Palo Alto, where he focuses primarily on analyzing trends in the smartphone and wearable band categories in the Americas. Prior to... [more]