Now and next for the cybersecurity industry

What are the opportunities and challenges for 2021 and beyond?

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Part 1 - Cybersecurity in the new digital era

Key trends affecting the post-COVID security market

  1. How are threats escalating?
  2. Key trends for 2021 and beyond.
  3. The evolving cybersecurity ecosystem.
  4. Cybersecurity market performance in 2020.
  5. Changing workforce dynamics and forecasts.
  6. Organizations compromised by cybersecurity.
  7. How has COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation?

Part 2 - The accelerating cybersecurity opportunity

Get the complete picture of the global cybersecurity market in 2021 and beyond, with the latest Canalys data and analysis for sizing and planning.

  1. Who are the leaders in a crowded ecosystem?
  2. The platform approach of the leading vendors
  3. Generalist versus specialist cybersecurity companies
  4. Adding capabilities through mergers and acquisitions
  5. Trends in start-up funding
  6. Strategic analysis
  7. Sizing the future opportunity
  8. Cybersecurity spend over the next five years
  9. A comprehensive view of the competitive landscape
  10. Five-year forecast overview, by segment and by size, for:
    • Endpoint security
    • Vulnerability and security analytics
    • Network security
    • Web and email security
    • Data security
    • Identity access management

Cybersecurity vendors mentioned

The second part of the report includes analysis of Canalys five-year forecasts for the global
cybersecurity market and a breakdown of the vendors leading innovation in the security industry.

Do you know...

  1. Which of your partners are dedicated to cybersecurity?
  2. If you have real threat hunters in your ecosystem?
  3. If your partners can offer managed security services?
  4. If customers see your partners as trusted security advisors?

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