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Key mega-trends in the Middle East smartphone market 2023-2024

This special complimentary report dives deep into the key mega-trends and drivers shaping the smartphone market in the Middle East (excluding Turkey), focusing on the GCC countries for 2023-2024.

The Middle East (excluding Turkey) is currently experiencing significant economic reform, with a focus on reducing oil dependence and embracing high-growth industries to strengthen economies, enhance labor forces, and attract private investment. This digital transformation and rapid behavioral development in the region have a profound impact on the smartphone market.

Canalys research reveals that the Middle East (excluding Turkey) shipped 8.8 million smartphones, experiencing a 3.5% annual decline in Q1 2023. Though the Q1 decline ended the region’s nine-month growth streak, the Middle East was the best-performing sub-region. The Canalys mobility special report delves into the top trends influencing the smartphone market in the Middle East, particularly the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, in 2023-2024

The report highlights

Economic diversification
Exploring how countries in the region are diversifying their economies beyond oil.
Channel relationships
Understanding the dynamics between smartphone vendors and the sales channels.
Popularity of refurbished devices
Analyzing the rising trend of refurbished devices and the region's focus on environmental sustainability.
New drivers and players
Examining the strategies adopted by new players that drive growth in the market.
Optimizing opportunities
Offering insights into how smartphone vendors and industry players can make the most out of the rapidly evolving market.

What's in the report?

Why Middle East Smartphone

Our special report sheds light on the dynamic changes occurring in the smartphone market within the Middle East, focusing on the GCC countries. The report delves into key trends shaping the landscape, including economic diversification efforts, channel relationships, the rising popularity of refurbished devices, and the emergence of new drivers and players. It provides actionable insights and opportunities for vendors and industry players aiming to capitalize on the region's potential.

Why read the report?

Stay ahead of the curve
Understand the ongoing economic reforms and digital transformation in the Middle East and how they impact the smartphone market.
Identify lucrative opportunities
Discover untapped potential in high-growth industries beyond oil and understand how this translates to the growth of the smartphone market.
Optimize your strategy
Learn about the region's changing channel dynamics and how vendors should strengthen distribution networks for market success.
Embrace sustainability
Gain insights into the rising popularity of refurbished devices and align your brand with environmentally sustainable opportunities.
Seize growth potential
Explore the strategies adopted by new players in the market and leverage these insights to maximize your business opportunities.
Unlock success in the Middle East
Equip yourself with practical recommendations and actionable advice to make the most out of the region's evolving smartphone market.

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